Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Siemens OpenScape Office Datasheet

Datasheet OpenScape Office MX LX

Virtualisation for Phone Systems

Virtualisation with LX

Virtualization enables companies to improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications by eliminating the old “one server, one application” model. 
Virtualization is a way to abstract SW applications and their underlying components away from the physical server hardware. 
Small to medium size businesses often place even greater emphasis on cost savings and on protecting business critical systems and data, since IT staff and budgets are shrinking. 

The pure software design of OpenScape Office enables businesses to virtualize their Unified Communications and Collaboration solution. Benefits include:
  • Reduction of physical servers to reduce hardware costs
  • Easy data backup and restore
  • Enhanced availability and reliability
  • Improved scalability and monitoring
  • Green IT (One server = less energy consumption)
  • Reduced service hours

Forget the iPhone 5 hype, Check out our OpenScape Office LX!

Of course the iPhone is wonderful and you can use it as an office phone extension with our phone systems.
But industry giant Siemens has created a phone system that is really sensational.
It's called the OpenScape Office LX and it's supplied on a disc - you can run it on your own server, on your premises or in the cloud.
It also runs in a VM Ware virtualised environment. There are versions for Macs, Windows and Zimbra.
The LX is cost effective from 5 extensions to hundreds.